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Apple, the Cupertino-based giant is known for their revolutionary iPhones, iPads, iMac, and MacBook devices. Although, it has been losing a lot of customers in the smartphones market, but one industry where it has been continuously been growing is the Laptop industry.

Apple has designed a laptop for everyone, to make the search easier, it has also categorized them into different product lineups, they are: Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro.
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The basic Macbook are recommended for the ones who don’t a lot on their system, it is highly suitable for teachers who needs a laptop for work, home users who need a machine for entertainment purposes such as watching movies or TV shows on Netflix, YouTube or listening to music. But these are very low performance and are priced close to the MacBook Air, so we always recommend one to extend their budget a bit and get a MacBook Air instead.

The MacBook Air is highly suitable if you are need a medium-performance machine that won’t lag when doing basic tasks such as writing a document, editing the excel sheets, surfing the web, taking notes in nursing, law schools, medical schools, trading stocks, at business meetings, etc. These machines are highly recommended for students, business executives, bloggers, and travelers. (The previous MacBook Air machines didn’t come with a retina display, but the latest Air comes with one!)

The MacBook Pro comes with high-end specifications, the processor has a better speed than the Air. It is highly suitable for high-resource intensive tasks such as video editing, using music production softwares like Ableton, graphic designing, 3D modeling, editing photos, high-intensive web surfing the web, or for computer science enthusiasts who codes a lot, engineering students, etc.


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